Tax services

Tax liabilities form a significant part of business relations with the state and proper tax planning is important for any activity. Qualified LawPartner team provides detailed advice and assistance on tax issues, prepare documents, represents clients’ interests in relations with state tax authorities.

The main areas of activity of LawPartner in the field of tax law are: consultations on taxation issues, tax structuring, application of tax reliefs and exemptions, solving complex tax issues, work with state tax authorities, international double tax treaties. We have extensive experience in resolving various tax situations and disputes, we are constantly improving our knowledge and are ready to provide professional assistance. We provide services to private businessmen, construction, trading, financial, international and other companies.


Corporate services

Legal entities in their activities should be guided by various legal acts. Each form of legal entity has certain advantages and limitations. There are many different legal procedures and requirements that legal entities must adhere to. We help in choosing the form of legal persons, with the registration of the company, in the necessary procedures, we represent the interests of the participants (shareholders) of the company in relations with the company, in the relations of the company with shareholders, we provide ongoing legal support.

Investment legal support

Investments are always associated with risks, and legal support is required to ensure the safety of investments. We carry out legal analysis of projects, preparation of documents and further legal support of investments.



As a rule, all commercial transactions are based on contracts. The right contract is the basis for the success of any activity. We prepare various contracts depending on the needs of the client according to the specified parameters in accordance with the requirements of current legislation.


Real estate services

Real estate transactions, as a rule, are quite complex and with a large number of various important details, so it is important that the contract is worked out and everything is agreed between the parties of the transaction. We have extensive experience and provide comprehensive assistance in the preparation, conclusion and implementation of lease and sale-purchase contracts of real estate, including the provision of analysis of the tax consequences of the transaction and financing.


Migration services

Migration procedures are always a rather complicated process and it is important to understand all the conditions and requirements of migration legislation. We have extensive experience in going through migration procedures and are ready to provide qualified legal support in analyzing of the provisions of migration legislation, preparing the necessary documents and accompanying with migration authorities.


Financial legislation is developing intensively, and in practice various issues constantly arise in relations with banks and other financial institutions, from the opening of a current account to the implementation of significant financial transactions. To resolve such issues, it is necessary to know the requirements of financial legislation and the practice of its application. LawPartner has experience and is ready to provide qualified legal support regarding general requirements of financial legislation, as well in solving practical issues of opening current accounts, justifying funds, making payments, preparing and providing the necessary documents.



Any activity needs legal support, constant analysis of legal changes, preparation of various documents and contracts. We offer full legal support services for a business, ranging from company registration, preparation of establishment documents, shareholders agreements, special work contracts and other necessary documents. Also, we represent the clients in state authorities when obtaining licenses and permits. We provide other legal assistance depending on the activities of the client.



Each legal entity must organize accounting. Even if there was no activity, the company is required to file annual financial statements and tax declarations. If the company has employees, declarations must be submitted monthly. The accounting load increases if the company has the status of VAT payer. We provide qualified accounting services on an ongoing basis, prepare documents, represent clients in state and tax authorities.