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Tax services



Consultation on taxation rules applicable in Lithuania. Consultations regarding tax on profit, VAT, personal income tax, real estate taxes.

Preparation of Legal Opinions on tax issues.

Tax planning.

Consultations regarding relations with Lithuanian tax authorities: State Tax Inspectorate, State Social Insurance authorities.

Consultation on tax office inspections and audits. Representation of client in relations with tax authorities.

Solving complex tax issues: applying the principle of substance over form of transactions, tax calculation under valuation, conclusion of a tax agreement regarding fixed amount of taxes with the tax authorities where neither party has sufficient evidence to justify their tax amounts.

Obtaining documents from tax authorities under international double taxation agreements.

Consultations on taxation of planned transactions (real estate transfer, other major operations and transactions).

Preparation of important tax returns/declarations.

Preparation of documents.

Prior agreement with tax authorities on the amount of tax payable from the transaction or business.

Analysis of tax issues and preparation of inquiries for receiving official opinion of tax authorities.

Registration in the taxpayers’ register. Registration in the VAT register.


Taxation is an important part of every natural person‘s or company‘s relationship with the state. The state imposes taxes, rules for their application, and the person is required to enforce them. At the same time, the state makes certain exceptions, reliefs, which seek to promote certain spheres and activities. Tax rules are numerous and usually complex, and the rules are constantly changing. We can benefit from information on what taxes apply and whether there are any tax reliefs, and what are the conditions of tax reliefs. As a result, the person can pre-plan what taxes will be applied and choose for the type of business organization that will have the optimal tax treatment. In addition, a person will reduce the risk of complex tax settlement procedures with the state tax authorities.

Personal income, VAT and corporate taxes are the most relevant. In some cases, taxes are applicable, in other cases are not applicable, or lower rates are applied.

LawPartner has been advising on various tax matters, representing clients’ interests in tax authorities since 2006. We continuously improve the tax experience gained during our work at the State Tax Inspectorate by analyzing Lithuanian and international tax legislation as well as case law of the Lithuanian courts and the Court of Justice of EU. It is also important to follow official comments on tax laws published by tax authorities.

We are preparing legal opinions on complex tax issues.

When planning activities, conducting significant transactions or operations, it is important to anticipate what the tax consequences will be. Occasionally, operations carried out due to ignorance lead to unintended major tax consequences which could have been avoided by prior evaluation and planning.

There are situations where it is not entirely clear what the tax treatment will be, and then a request may be made to clarify the official opinion of the tax authorities.

Typically, experienced entrepreneurs know in advance what the taxes will be and plan and document their activities accordingly and take care of the correct tax declarations. And this helps to avoid tax-consuming tax audits.

Regarding Tax audits: During tax audits the taxpayer is usually the weak side. Tax authorities require documents, give binding instructions, and may restrict a business activity. The actions of the inspecting officers need to be correctly assessed. The tax officers and the person are on different sides of the barricades. Tax officers are interested in calculating additional taxes. The person must be prepared in advance to prove his truth in court if necessary. Therefore, it is needed to give thoughtful explanations. Tax laws determine the rights of the taxpayer, and it is needed to use these rights. It is important that tax officers cannot destabilize an activity of taxpayer. It should be borne in mind that tax officers are experienced professionals in their field. Our assistance with tax audit will be helpful ensuring that the natural person or company has adequate and competent defense.